Crown Thinning

Refers to thinning out the crown to ensure the wind travels more freely through the crown and reduces wind sail.



Crown Reduction

An operation that allows for the continued conservation of trees, where structural issuesmight otherwise require the loss of the tree. Crown reduction is sometimes required tocompensate for loss of root vitality..



Emergency Tree Care

Storm winds may cause weak limbs or entire trees to fall, sometimes landing on other trees, homes and other structures. The weight of trees can be great and they can be dangerous to remove or trim. We can assist in completing the job in a competent and safe manner, while minimising the risk of further damage to the property.



Stump Grinding

Stump grinding removes the troublesome base of the tree after it has been felled. There are many benefits for removing a stump, and we are able to carry out this task with our own specialist equipment, which will remove stumps of any size.



Tree Felling

The tree is either felled or dismantled in sections. Felling dead, dying or diseased trees makes an area safer and allows other trees to thrive.



Crown Raising


This describes the removal of the lower branches of the tree to ensure increased height between ground level and the crown.




Extensive pruning of the tree crown where the tree is simply too large for its location or in instances where extensive defects and weaknesses might make the tree unstable. Pruning of this type can stimulate vigorous regrowth. Stump Grinding Our extensive range of grinders ensures that we can grind stumps of any size and in awkward areas.





This involves removing deadwood, diseased and dying wood, broken or split branches and basal suckers and crossing and rubbing branches





Removal of any deadwood greater then 5cm without attempting to remove it from the end of branches or areas with green foliage as in conifers

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