Street Furniture

Street furniture can be considered a collective term for the different types of equipment that are installed on streets and roads. There are many types and have many applications. Grasshopper supply a range of street furniture which complements the aesthetics of a street or road as well as positively contributing to the safety and experiences of pedestrians that use the street furniture both actively and passively.


Benches are essentially seats for more than one person. They are often strategically located at places where people might need to rest or where they might want to stop and admire something of beauty. We offer a range of benches made from various materials to suit different applications


Bollards restrict movement of vehicles. This maybe to stop a certain sized vehicle accessing a certain area off a road, or to prevent a certain type of vehicle parking in certain places. Our bollards are made from cast iron and come in a number of different finishes.

Tree Grills

Tree grills serve the purpose of promoting tree growth whilst affording them protection . Our tree grills are strong and corrosion resistant whilst being aesthetically pleasing. They are designed to be able to cope with heavy loads and are therefore suitable for applications in heavy traffic areas.

And much, much more Street Furniture...

In addition to the above, we provide railings and signage. We also continue to source more and more street furniture products in response to the needs of our customers. If you need more information on any of the products we supply or can't find the street furniture you are looking for, please Contact Us

Blackpool Bollard

Bollard With Reflector

Cambourne Bollard


Tree Grill

Tree Grill

Tree Grill


Alpine Seat

Timber and Steel Bench

Timber and Wrought Iron Bench


Chain with Bollard

Fingerpost Signage

Pedestrian Railing