Lawn Care


Everyone loves to see a good lawn, perfectly edged, good even green colour, striped and tidy but lawn can get worn out, compacted and full of weeds and we can give your lawn the right attention. By tackling moss, improving drainage and applying the right feed, Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance can get the best result for all lawns.

Our in-house lawn care expert pays meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of turf grass problems and pests, ensure proper diagnosis and treatment for any Garden, large or small.

Our tips on lawn care:

  • Start watering as soon as you laid down turf - never let the lawn dry out
  • Start mowing when the roots have anchored the turf to the soil
  • Feed your lawn each Spring with a lawn feed rich in nitrogen at the recommended rate
  • A dense, healthy lawn will make it difficult for weeds to encroach, so regular maintenance will go a long way to keeping it weed free.
  • Apply moss killer once a year for a healthy looking lawn
  • Mild winters are bad news for lawn owners when it comes to pest control. Deal with leather jackets and other bugs in late August/early September when they are small.
  • Grass roots need air in order to support healthy growth. All lawns benefit from aeration at some stage, with heavily used lawns needing treatment more often
  • The frequency of scarifying necessary depends upon the type of turf, and the maintenance regime.
  • Lawns will benefit from scarifying every year, preferably during the early autumn.

We at Grasshoppers Landscape Maintenance would be happy to provide you with a suitable programme for your Lawn, or advice on any of the above individual step by step procedures.

Services provided:
  • Regular grass cutting to a frequency and finish to meet your specific requirements.
  • Collection and recycling of grass clippings.
  • Edging of lawns.
  • Weed & moss control
  • Regular application of fertilizer to promote a lush and healthy sward.
  • Identification and treatment of pests and diseases
  • Top dressing and over seeding
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Roll Out Lawn


Grasshopper Landscape Maintenance is one of Ireland's premier roll out lawn installers. Our process is as follows:

Existing Lawn
Any existing lawn will be removed by us and disposed of.

Once the sod is removed, we rotivate the soil, level it and rake to remove large stone and sods of earth. The result is a soil of fine tilth and now it is ready to receive the new lawn.

New Sod
We will start at the edges, unrolling the sod and start working towards the centre with subsequent strips.

The most important job to remember is to water the new lawn every day until the new lawn has established, even if there is rainy weather after installation, the new lawn will still need to be watered. If the sods dry out at all, they will shrink and unsightly gaps will appear between the sections.

Once the lawn has established and before the sward has reached a height of 5cm, mowing can commence. Remember to adjust the mower to a high setting so that only the tips of the grass leaves are removed first.