Garden Design Process


The following are the steps involved in the Garden Plan and Garden Design Process and build. We guide clients through all stages making the experience an enjoyable one.



Garden Site Visit


The initial step is for our gardener designer to visit the site. During this visit the client can discuss their requirements, queries and budget. We check dimensions, aspect and soil type. From this visit we can draw up the garden concept plan. The information garnered during the site visit develops into the client brief. The brief is adhered to closely when drawing up the concept plan.



Garden Plans: Concept


This is the initial draft of the garden plan. It includes the client requirements and the designers input. Once submitted to the client, they have an opportunity to make any changes at this stage. At concept stage we can also ensure that the plan is within budget



Garden Plans: Master


Adding any adjustments, the concept plan evolves into the garden master plan. At this stage, no further changes can be made. In addition to the master plan, we provide a planting plan and if necessary any construction details can be drawn up.



Garden Plans: Construction


Our team can provide a full construction service to realise the agreed master plan. All elements of the garden can be incorporated including:

  • Paving
  • Composite decking
  • Walls
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Planting

We believe planting is one of the most important elements in the design and ensures the garden comes to life. To this end, we choose plants carefully to suit the site conditions, the clients tastes and the design.



Garden Design Rates


Rates for a concept plan, master plan and planting plan depends on garden size:

Garden sizes

  • up to 9m x 10m €480
  • up to 20m x 35m €730
  • up to 1 Acre €1,200

This price includes:

  • Site Visit and survey
  • Concept Plan
  • Master Plan
  • Planting Plan

Perspective views and 3D visualisation are optional extras.

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