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When weather permits and if space allows, most people enjoy being in their garden.Whether it is playing outside with the kids, eating al fresco, or getting down and dirty and doing some actual gardening themselves the garden is a favourite place for many.

If you are hands on gardener and have spent time in making your garden ideas become a reality, or whether you are more of a novice and as yet your garden design ideas remain just that only garden ideas, this page can help you

Below we discuss a number of garden ideas that address specific garden problems that are commonly encountered when tackling garden design.If you have a specific question not covered in this section, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



Planting in an Urban Garden


In many cases, houses now are quite close to each other and so some screening is needed to provide some privacy.


This is the same garden with some planting added. The tree provides some privacy and helps to enclose the garden somewhat. However, the other planting is quite low and does nothing to soften the boundary fences.


In this sketch, the volume of planting has increased to the benefit the overall garden design. The trees are well scaled to the size of the house. The lower shrubs are of adequate size to provide some enclosure but to do not overwhelm the space. There is a balance between planted and open space.


The planting now is completely out of scale with the house and the garden. The amount and size of the plants overwhelm the space, which may make it feel too enclosed and stifled.



Placing a Path in a Rear Garden


Put some thought into the location of the storage shed in your garden design. Usually there will have to be some type of path leading from the rear of the house to the shed. In this sketch the shed is placed against the back boundary wall, roughly in the middle. The path then dissects the garden in half, leaving an area of lawn on each side. One side of the lawn is further reduced by a planted bed.


An improvement to the former layout is to place the shed into the back corner of the garden. The path is then tucked into the side, edged with a planted bed. By doing this, a larger expanse of lawn is preserved and it is more accessible to use for a variety of purposes.



Making a Feature of a Bare Wall


A tricky element to tackle in the garden is a bare wall. In some cases, the paving will run right up to the base of the wall preventing any chance of planting a climber or shrub to soften the concrete face.

A possible option is to use a section of trellis. Rather then buying the usual square sections that are commonly available, try and find a more ornate shape. An archway with inset trellis panels will give the impression of depth. Placing wooden planters with standard trees will add to this impression and create a feature of a formerly bare and uninterestingwall.



Sand Pit and Water Feature


Think ahead. A sandpit is a great feature to add into thegarden as children will find hours of entertainment in it.However, after several years it may no longer be in use. This is when the area can be easily transformed into a formal water feature.



Shed Makeover


Every garden needs a storage space and this usually takes the form of a shed. A shed may be used to hold tools, lawn mowers and play equipment and can be quite messy on the inside. This doesn't mean it has to be an eyesore on the outside though. The sketch shows a fairly typical garden shed with no adornment.


There is a huge range of shed shapes and sizes on the market at the moment. The one shown in the sketch has a number of windows,which makes it less utilitarian. Climbers have been used to soften the facade and planted pots provide additional interest. Another idea when choosing a shed is to echo the shape of the house and this creates some continuity.



Think Vertical


Think vertical. Trees provide many benefits and there is a variety to suit every size garden. For those with space for a large specimen tree it can have several functions.


One idea is to add a tree house. This will take some planning and it is essential to ensure correct anchorage for the structure. Once this is in place however the tree house will be a great addition to the garden and will provide hours of entertainment for children.

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