Bicycle Stands

Rising motor costs and peoples genuine concern for the environment has led to an increase in the use of bicycles. Unfortunately many parking facilities outside offices and commercial and residential buildings do not provide adequate facilities for cyclists. This leads to bikes being left tied to trees, to railings or even left unlocked.

Clearly this is not ideal. If cyclists are to be encouraged, bicycle stands and bicycle shelters are a necessary addition to parking facilities. If bicycle stands and shelters become common place more and more people will likely decide to leave the car at home and take their bike instead knowing that they can safely and securely leave their bike in a quality bike rack, or better still know it will be kept dry as well under a bike shelter.

The benefits are numerous: The environment will be better off; the cyclist will be happier and if you are the owner of a business who invests in a bicycle stand product, you will be rewarded with fitter and happier staff who are now able to cycle when perhaps they could not or would not before

Grasshopper off a range of bicycle stand products of different shapes and sizes. The fixtures are made of stainless steel and zinc galvanised steel which makes them both hard wearing and attractive. Take a look at the range below and Contact Us if you would like further information.

Two Sided Bicycle Stand

Five Cycle rack

Domed Cycle Shelter


Two Sided Cycle Canopy

Bike Stand with Sign Plate

Curved Cycle Stand


Five Cycle Racked, Stepped

Toast Rack Cycle Stand